April 29, 2009

House fiascos continue but not too bad. The house is ours and it's so cute so that's what's important.

So I guess I didn't have enough fiascos going through the closing of my mom's house, so I decided that since that was over, I'd add on another. So I got a lionhead gold fish. I couldn't help it!! He was the cutest thing I've ever seen! He is fat and round and chocolate color (he's not gold) and he'd come to the glass with his round baby face and his little round mouth moving and his little fins going, wiggling back and forth. I couldn't help it.

So ...oh it's so long so as Inigo Montoya says in Princess Bride "lemme splain, no, lemme sum up"
I got a 2.5 gallon tank cus they said that was big enough. Nope.
I do research cuz his tank is pretty but messy. Not big enough for a gold fish
I go get ten gallon aquarium with the works.
Set that up, take other tank back.
Get two snails and a pleco
Hear from my aquarium expert friend do NOT put two snails in there or you will have a billion by Friday. So I take one snail. Then she yells that I got a pleco. Take that back.
So one snail, one pleco and one 2.5 gallon tank go back.
Then I go through "why is this aquarium cloudy it has a bio filter blah blah" then I find out it has to build up bacteria in the biofilter that will take care of the cloudy icky stuff but I have to be patient which is not my forte.
Anyway, here it is a week later, tank is clean, beautiful with live plants, my sweet lionhead pudgie fish named Wiggly and his friend the apple snail named Cedric who spends all day and all night keeping the place clean.
It really is beautiful and I feel accomplished!

So I have a lionhead goldfish, an apple snail, a chow chow, a fantailed beta, and half moon beta and two rabbits. O_o

Now I want a bird *falls over*

..........and a turtle.

.....and a corn snake...

No no I have plenty babies right now. I just spend way too much time watching Wiggly. I love the live plants! The curled bamboo is so beautiful.

This pic cracks me up.

Dante the Bun

Kyoko trying to get
Jackson the Half Moon

Not pictured but just as loved: Cedric the snail, Benny the Crown Tail and Molly the calico bun.

I won't be home all day tomorrow. So when in the world am I going to get back to my art?

And it's getting warm. I'm an Autumn person.
Beltane approaches.

April 23, 2009

I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here! I am NOT going to give up. I have been working on my website and a story I'm writing about some characters I made up ages ago. And then I have this whole mythology of a place in my head. And this place has been there as long as I can remember. And with gentle help of my Muses, I can get it done. I know I can!! I have been doing some new design art, but mostly I've been practicing on my Corel Painter with the Wacom tablet. I've had both for years, but I haven't actually done work on them in a while. I love drawing on this Wacom tablet.

I've been working on some art cards that are going in a new book that will be out this summer. I love the one called the Jack O'Lantern tree.

I did several of funky trees. And in my place in my head, The Grove of Seasons, there's a tree there called The Labyrinth Tree. I love it and will draw in into the map I am making.

And to catch up on my life so far I have finally closed on my mother's house, after a month of inspections and getting the seller to repair these problems. Then re-inspections and the problem not fixed then them fixing it, and it not fixed and re-inspection *scream*...BUT now it's all fixed and I can feel good about my 81 year-old mom moving in with no scary "surprises" showing up. I love surprising, but NOT in a new home.

The weather is getting warmer, and here in Memphis, it can get mighty warm, okay- HOT - here in the summer. I am an Autumn/Winter person, so I am dreading it. But what makes me laugh at myself about is that I act like I don't sit my butt inside the air conditioned home all summer. I complain about the heat like someone is making me go out and get a job as a roofer in July or something. I don't go out in it and I don't HAVE to...so what is my problem? I think I just like to hear myself complain.

And my dog is doing so fantastic I can't believe it. And I have no trouble giving her the insulin shots each day. Anything for her. She's my heart.
AND, I got a half moon beta fish (I already have a crown tail) a month ago. And then last night, I fell in LOVE with this bubble head gold fish at the store when I went in to get rabbit food for the two bunnies I have O_o ...and I couldn't leave without him! He loved me, too, I could tell. *lol* So now I have another tank with another fish! And he is adorable!! He's such a FAT boy. He's smokey gray (not that gold color) but he is a gold fish. He's so precious! I'd love to put a pic of him right here but he's way too wiggly so I don't have a clear one yet.

Now I need to go work on my website some more and see if I can get some of my art work in there. Someone has hinted that they might want me to do a color pencil demo and they wanted to see some of my art "do you have a web page" they asked? Why, yes, I do. Is there anything on it for me to show them? NO. I am so UNfocused! I need a keeper.

March 23, 2009

Is it Summer yet?

Well so much for my posting every day. I've gone so long now I'd never catch up! Ah, but it was a good idea, wasn't it?? And I'm not going to just give up. I'll keep going on and on, and if I get a few days posted, I'll celebrate. If I don't, I'll just love on the ones that do get posted.

This past two weeks I've been trying to find my mother a house. She lives in Illinois, is 81, and needs to move near me. So I found her one. Can I blame the house for me not posting? The house and spring break are good fall guys. Haha. Anyway--between meeting with realtor's and lawyers and home inspectors and then contracts and revisions and getting things fixed that are wrong--which some were extensive--it's been difficult. But I think I'm getting it going. If the seller decides not to fix the things, then we'll have to find another house. My mother can't handle so many repairs. But the seller has contractors at her disposal, so I think she's going to have them all fixed. That'll be wonderful, because it is such a great house. But this sure has taken a lot of time. It's for mom though. She'd do it for me.

Other than that, I was just messing around over spring break, relishing in getting to sleep late (my partner is a school teacher, so the days start early)

Now I have to catch up on my atc work. I'm in a swap that is due April 1. Have I done the card? No. Okay, time to get busy.

March 6, 2009

Wow, it didn't take me long to get off my schedule! I was hoping to post here every day? I think it's been about a week. Oh well. I guess I'll try and catch up. Mostly I've just been taking care of my dog, who is doing great now that she's getting insulin and her pill for her arthritis. She's back to her old self again. I would have never thought I could give a shot to any one or any thing, but it's amazing what a person can do when you love someone.

I also haven't done any new art work this whole week. I've been getting my work together for a new book that is coming out this summer. I have to list all these names of my atc's and I am the worst when it comes to names and putting together and artists statement! I was really hoping to hone my skill of description in this blog. And then I wimp out and get lazy...already?!! I haven't done my Etsy store, I haven't done my website, and I haven't scanned the new art I finished last weekend. What in the world have I been doing?! How is it time has gone by so fast? I honestly thought I could at least post every other day. But you know what? That's okay. I'll do what I do, and be glad about it. And if it's not every day, I'll be glad with the bits I do put in here!

This is a post card I did quite a while ago. But I found some of my older art and was looking at it. I guess I did this about two years ago. And I remember doing this series where, you took the card and put it under your pillow and it would bring you sweet dreams. I made several for different friends, and I'd completely forgotten about it.

So then I found this and some of the others, and I really liked the idea, so I might touch on that again sometime.

And I want to work more on my Chelsea Hotel photographs.

I think I have too many ideas I want to work on. And that might sound like it's a good thing, but it's not. Because too-many-things is confusing, and a person ends up doing nothing. It's counter-productive. I need to limit. Not over-do! Limit...find the jewel...

February 25, 2009

First of all, my dog is her old self again since she's started the medications! I'm so happy.

I didn't get any of my art finished today, because I was playing with my birthday present all day--the iPhone, which means I can download all kinds of aps and they all facinate me! I have got to get some of my work done! I was so in the "zone" and then I started messing around with all my other stuff. I do that.

Now every day I was going to post a picture of something I've done and talk about it. So let me see if I can find one and see if it inspires me.

This is one of my circles and lines works I did. I call it "wandering" after the word "planet" since I'm so into studying the planets at the moment. So I learned that the word "planet" comes from the word "wandering," and I loved that! So I finished this and it reminded me of this picture I saw of those amazing planets all lined up and just hanging in space. And then the lines and colors reminded me of the amazing nebulas, so I joined it all together. And I named it wandering, after the planets!

February 24, 2009

Yesterday my dog was diagnosed with diabetes. At first, needless to say I freaked out a bit, but the vet assured me that we caught it early and all her other tests were perfect! So we can manage this. So I have to say I'm overjoyed that it wasn't something that was fatal or that would require surgery. This can be managed. She also put her on some pills for her bit of arthritis that she has in her hips. She is 12, and she's a chow, but she's doing so great! And today, even after that one dose, she's so much more like herself! Her eyes are bright and she's smiling and barking and eating greenies. It makes me so happy!!

I had my first comments on my blog today and I was so excited. I had to laugh at myself. But still! That's a big deal!

I've been working on this new piece called magick hand (I think I'll call it that). And now that I know what's wrong with my dog and that we can fix it, well, maintain it, I can THINK again!

I've always done art like this. I have some large paintings with this same design. I don't know what it is. I just feel everything is connected and swirls together in life and energy and light and dark.

I see this same thing when I look at pictures from the Hubble Telescope--the amazing super novas with their bursting clouds of energy. Or the nebulas, the stellar nurseries, full of swirling energy. It just amazes me!

This is one of those swirling heart nebulas of mine.

February 23, 2009

I took Kyoko on a walk earlier. It was SO cold. But she was warm as toast in that Chow Chow coat she has. She perked up and walked right along, trotting and smiling and marking all the territories, sniffing messages, and generally just being herself. I have to say that made me feel better. But I won't feel perfect till after the vet.

And to perk up my dismal mood, I'm going to add something here to liven the place up!


Well, I was going to try and post each day but I missed the weekend. I'm going to blame it on my birthday. I had a great one, got the iPhone and a Build A Bear frog with shamrocks!

Plus I can't concentrate much today. My dog is drinking to much water, is listless and sleeps all the time. When she is walking around, she moves so slow. She's going to the vet this afternoon. I'm so worried about her I can't concentrate on my art or any thing. But this new vet will find out what's wrong, I just know. And maybe it's nothing. I sure hope so. I am worried to death.

I worked on the magick hand drawing...but at the moment I just can't care too much.

I feel sad.

February 20, 2009

I love New York. This time last year I was getting ready to go. I'd won an Art Grant to visit and photograph the Hotel Chelsea. I've been so enamored with that place for many, many years. I've done so much art and have hundreds of photos of the old hotel. Last year I got to go with a new camera and a tripod. It was fantastic and I love my new photos. I love trying to capture the light, shadows, windows, doors, and passages of that old building.

I also love going down to the lower East side. So many of the places I loved when I lived there ages ago are gone. I miss them. Plus St Marks looks so different than it did back then. There's still the essence and feel of the city which I hope is never stolen, but it's not the same without CBGB's, Max's, Moondance Diner, the old lofts, and this amazing coffee shop on St Marks, where I used to sit. I can't remember the name. But the last time I was there it was a horrid Pink Berry. I guess nothing stays the same...but at least the Life Cafe is still there.

I love the look of this photo. This is taken out of my window from my room at the Chelsea. I have so many photos of the rain reflecting the myriad of lights and colors on the wet pavement. I've tried to capture it as it is, but haven't quite gotten it to my liking. I'll keep trying.

I go to the doc today to see what's going on with my right eye. I had a migraine and now it's all blurry. I do hope that nothing is serious. I don't usually get so worried, but when it's my eyes, I take it very seriously.

Yesterday I spent hours tagging my artwork to publish on my webpage. Then I changed the front page until I can figure out which photo albums to use. Why don't I ever like any thing I put in there? I think I must be way to critical of my own work. That's not a good thing. I have noticed that when I do something, walk away, come back later, it looks so much better than it did at the time. The perspective of time and space does make a difference.

I did this crow drawing ages ago for an ATC swap. I want to just randomly post my art each day and talk about it. I did this with pencil and marker. I did three others. I like the grays and it seemed to fit the mood and the animal. I remember this was the swap I learned that a group of crows is referred to as a "murder of crows." I loved that.

I'm trying to keep my mind off of going to the doc, but I really don't like going to the doc!! I have no idea why. Maybe I should make an appointment and go to the doctor each week just for the hell of it so I'll get used to it and it won't matter. Haha. But what would I tell him when he asked me what the problem was. What would I say? "oh nothing, just wanted to see you". Then he'd get up and escort me to the front and give me the bill. I think after a few weeks of that, he might refer me to the psychologist upstairs!! Haha!!

February 19, 2009

I worked on the new color art last night. I wish I had scanned the ones I'd finished before painting on the black background. I'll have to remember that next time. Of course I can go into PS and take the black bg out! I keep forgetting I can do about anything in photoshop.

This one is Sky Snakes. I did it last month. Because I am so into snakes, and snake totems, and "my" adopted gaboon, Kenya, who lives (and is owned) by the Memphis zoo, I wanted to combine that snake energy with the stars. I am so interested in learning about the sky and our cosmos. So it facinates me that, no matter what happens here on earth, the stars are the same. The seasons stay the same, the sun rises and sets "on time," and the moon follows an ancient schedule. I can look in my witch's almanac and it will tell me what the moon will be doing for the entire year, as well as the sun, and what signs it will be in, what planets are retrograde, when the moon will be void of course, etc etc. And my astronomy books tell me where Orion will be according to the month(s).
And then there's the snake energy. The snake symbolizes eternal life, because it sheds its skin and then appears to be "new" again. I can form a circle, representing eternal life or infinite time. Also, the snake is a silent hunter and never blinks, yet can be at rest. It can sit completely still for hours and hours. It's cold blooded and has to take care of itself according to the seasons. There's symbolism in all of these attributes. So I love how the stars and the snake can represents "the eternal".

I'm also working on the heart motif. I don't know why, exactly, but I do know there is a heart nebula in Cassiopeia. And I was just reading something Joseph Campbell said about the heart, but at this moment can't think of it. I'll write it down later.

February 18, 2009

Just arrived..

~*~*~I'm trying to decide just which one of these to use. I have bits and pieces on other blogs, but I think this is the essence and the heart of all my places. I'm going to try it here. I want to post something on here each day. It doesn't matter if it's one thought or art or me just saying "I am here." I want to get some discipline. I want to post my work and the work in progress and write out what it all means. I want to stop saying "I want" and say I will" so here I go:

I will post something each day.
I will post my art and write about it.

~*~*~I believe that writing out reasons behind creations helps them to make sense. Sometimes when I create I am too close to the work and can't figure it out until time passes. I'll also make notes to myself about where I am, what I'm interested in, my worries and joys, and how I'm dealing with them.

Snow gave me binoculars so I can see Orion's nebula. I also see the Pleiadies so clearly.
I keep worrying about my dog, and her health. I think she's probably okay but is picking up my worrying more than anything!
And I have an appointment with the eye doctor on Friday of this week to see what's wrong with my right eye.
My birthday is this Sunday.

I'm working with colors and the movement of colors and simple shapes. I began doing that way back in college, then strayed from it, and now I'm back again. Like a blood relation, we all take with us something from the source. So many times we deny it, which is denying who we are. I think my art is the same way.

Reminding myself what my professor Scott Stevens told me so many years ago "well, what you do--that's your art!"

So whatever I do. That's my art. Yes, sitting still, petting my dog, walking in my neighborhood, cooking food for my loved ones, or creating visual works--all life is creation, all life is discovery, and each moment is precious.

I am where I should be.