June 17, 2012

I sure haven't been in here in so long.  There's no excuse, really.  It's just that I've been in other places. Some up, some down, but just "other" places.  So many things have changed.  I noticed I posted a picture of my bunny, Dante. She died last year.  And I also lost my big, fat, chocolate lionhead gold fish.  Devastating.  I won't go over all the tears.  I've lost my other bunny, Molly.  But, my very -old beta, Jackson, is still here.  My beautiful fifteen year old chow, Kyoko is here.  Now, we have two new babies.  One is a beautiful golden lionhead goldfish, Ziggy.  She is now one year old.  And I have a new golden mystery snail, Cassidy.  And I have a gorgeous chow named Bella.  She's now two.  We got her as a puppy from an amazing breeder. Her daddy's name is Rambo Tango, and her mom Cheyenne.  So Bella's official name is Cheyenne's Bella Tango.  Kyoko is a rescue from the local Humane Society.  So I don't know who her parents are.  I just know they must have been the coolest.  Kyoko is amazing.  Her official name is Kyoko, HRH, Fuzzy Butt.  Hahaha!!

I did my FIRST VENDOR SHOW this weekend.  I have been wanting to get into this realm for ages!  I have wanted to have a place to share all the art I love to make.  It begins to pile up in my studio.  And it's not fare to the art not to share it.  And I tell ya, it's hard to let it go.  It was like seeing my children walk out of the tent, BUT, I knew it was going to some great home--to people who loved it enough to look and decide and take it home with them.  That's pure joy!  One of my (out of many) favorite customers was a teenager, male, who had on a MCR tshirt, and I told him how I loved that band!  Me, being "old", well--he was shocked I knew who they were.  I didn't want to tell him I thought Gerard was sexy and...ok, well any way.  He loved my Wish Dolls, especially the one that he said looked like an "evil bunny".  Then his little brother wanted one and I heard "mom" say, "can't you share this one?" and the older boy said "No way, mom"   I loved it.

I met the most wonderful people and made so many connections.

I am now going to be in the Cooper Street Festival this coming September.  And I am going to be in the Memphis Sci Fi Con that will be in November.  In the mean time, I'll be making art and seeing if there's any other little fun festivals I can be a part of!  Meeting all those people was fantastic.

Now I need to find some bloggers to share stuff with!