March 23, 2009

Is it Summer yet?

Well so much for my posting every day. I've gone so long now I'd never catch up! Ah, but it was a good idea, wasn't it?? And I'm not going to just give up. I'll keep going on and on, and if I get a few days posted, I'll celebrate. If I don't, I'll just love on the ones that do get posted.

This past two weeks I've been trying to find my mother a house. She lives in Illinois, is 81, and needs to move near me. So I found her one. Can I blame the house for me not posting? The house and spring break are good fall guys. Haha. Anyway--between meeting with realtor's and lawyers and home inspectors and then contracts and revisions and getting things fixed that are wrong--which some were extensive--it's been difficult. But I think I'm getting it going. If the seller decides not to fix the things, then we'll have to find another house. My mother can't handle so many repairs. But the seller has contractors at her disposal, so I think she's going to have them all fixed. That'll be wonderful, because it is such a great house. But this sure has taken a lot of time. It's for mom though. She'd do it for me.

Other than that, I was just messing around over spring break, relishing in getting to sleep late (my partner is a school teacher, so the days start early)

Now I have to catch up on my atc work. I'm in a swap that is due April 1. Have I done the card? No. Okay, time to get busy.

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