April 23, 2009

I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here! I am NOT going to give up. I have been working on my website and a story I'm writing about some characters I made up ages ago. And then I have this whole mythology of a place in my head. And this place has been there as long as I can remember. And with gentle help of my Muses, I can get it done. I know I can!! I have been doing some new design art, but mostly I've been practicing on my Corel Painter with the Wacom tablet. I've had both for years, but I haven't actually done work on them in a while. I love drawing on this Wacom tablet.

I've been working on some art cards that are going in a new book that will be out this summer. I love the one called the Jack O'Lantern tree.

I did several of funky trees. And in my place in my head, The Grove of Seasons, there's a tree there called The Labyrinth Tree. I love it and will draw in into the map I am making.

And to catch up on my life so far I have finally closed on my mother's house, after a month of inspections and getting the seller to repair these problems. Then re-inspections and the problem not fixed then them fixing it, and it not fixed and re-inspection *scream*...BUT now it's all fixed and I can feel good about my 81 year-old mom moving in with no scary "surprises" showing up. I love surprising, but NOT in a new home.

The weather is getting warmer, and here in Memphis, it can get mighty warm, okay- HOT - here in the summer. I am an Autumn/Winter person, so I am dreading it. But what makes me laugh at myself about is that I act like I don't sit my butt inside the air conditioned home all summer. I complain about the heat like someone is making me go out and get a job as a roofer in July or something. I don't go out in it and I don't HAVE to...so what is my problem? I think I just like to hear myself complain.

And my dog is doing so fantastic I can't believe it. And I have no trouble giving her the insulin shots each day. Anything for her. She's my heart.
AND, I got a half moon beta fish (I already have a crown tail) a month ago. And then last night, I fell in LOVE with this bubble head gold fish at the store when I went in to get rabbit food for the two bunnies I have O_o ...and I couldn't leave without him! He loved me, too, I could tell. *lol* So now I have another tank with another fish! And he is adorable!! He's such a FAT boy. He's smokey gray (not that gold color) but he is a gold fish. He's so precious! I'd love to put a pic of him right here but he's way too wiggly so I don't have a clear one yet.

Now I need to go work on my website some more and see if I can get some of my art work in there. Someone has hinted that they might want me to do a color pencil demo and they wanted to see some of my art "do you have a web page" they asked? Why, yes, I do. Is there anything on it for me to show them? NO. I am so UNfocused! I need a keeper.

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