February 20, 2009

I love New York. This time last year I was getting ready to go. I'd won an Art Grant to visit and photograph the Hotel Chelsea. I've been so enamored with that place for many, many years. I've done so much art and have hundreds of photos of the old hotel. Last year I got to go with a new camera and a tripod. It was fantastic and I love my new photos. I love trying to capture the light, shadows, windows, doors, and passages of that old building.

I also love going down to the lower East side. So many of the places I loved when I lived there ages ago are gone. I miss them. Plus St Marks looks so different than it did back then. There's still the essence and feel of the city which I hope is never stolen, but it's not the same without CBGB's, Max's, Moondance Diner, the old lofts, and this amazing coffee shop on St Marks, where I used to sit. I can't remember the name. But the last time I was there it was a horrid Pink Berry. I guess nothing stays the same...but at least the Life Cafe is still there.

I love the look of this photo. This is taken out of my window from my room at the Chelsea. I have so many photos of the rain reflecting the myriad of lights and colors on the wet pavement. I've tried to capture it as it is, but haven't quite gotten it to my liking. I'll keep trying.

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