February 24, 2009

Yesterday my dog was diagnosed with diabetes. At first, needless to say I freaked out a bit, but the vet assured me that we caught it early and all her other tests were perfect! So we can manage this. So I have to say I'm overjoyed that it wasn't something that was fatal or that would require surgery. This can be managed. She also put her on some pills for her bit of arthritis that she has in her hips. She is 12, and she's a chow, but she's doing so great! And today, even after that one dose, she's so much more like herself! Her eyes are bright and she's smiling and barking and eating greenies. It makes me so happy!!

I had my first comments on my blog today and I was so excited. I had to laugh at myself. But still! That's a big deal!

I've been working on this new piece called magick hand (I think I'll call it that). And now that I know what's wrong with my dog and that we can fix it, well, maintain it, I can THINK again!

I've always done art like this. I have some large paintings with this same design. I don't know what it is. I just feel everything is connected and swirls together in life and energy and light and dark.

I see this same thing when I look at pictures from the Hubble Telescope--the amazing super novas with their bursting clouds of energy. Or the nebulas, the stellar nurseries, full of swirling energy. It just amazes me!

This is one of those swirling heart nebulas of mine.


  1. ooh... this one is super lovely... i love the swirls... and the hearts of course.. i am a helpless romantic...

    I am super happy to hear the good news about your doggie... that must have made it MUCH easier for you to breath... good for you and your doggie... from one pet lover to another!

  2. It has made all the difference in the world of how I feel,cuz now I'm so happy!