February 25, 2009

First of all, my dog is her old self again since she's started the medications! I'm so happy.

I didn't get any of my art finished today, because I was playing with my birthday present all day--the iPhone, which means I can download all kinds of aps and they all facinate me! I have got to get some of my work done! I was so in the "zone" and then I started messing around with all my other stuff. I do that.

Now every day I was going to post a picture of something I've done and talk about it. So let me see if I can find one and see if it inspires me.

This is one of my circles and lines works I did. I call it "wandering" after the word "planet" since I'm so into studying the planets at the moment. So I learned that the word "planet" comes from the word "wandering," and I loved that! So I finished this and it reminded me of this picture I saw of those amazing planets all lined up and just hanging in space. And then the lines and colors reminded me of the amazing nebulas, so I joined it all together. And I named it wandering, after the planets!

1 comment:

  1. Love the colours. Very poetic to think of a planet wandering.