February 23, 2009

Well, I was going to try and post each day but I missed the weekend. I'm going to blame it on my birthday. I had a great one, got the iPhone and a Build A Bear frog with shamrocks!

Plus I can't concentrate much today. My dog is drinking to much water, is listless and sleeps all the time. When she is walking around, she moves so slow. She's going to the vet this afternoon. I'm so worried about her I can't concentrate on my art or any thing. But this new vet will find out what's wrong, I just know. And maybe it's nothing. I sure hope so. I am worried to death.

I worked on the magick hand drawing...but at the moment I just can't care too much.

I feel sad.


  1. I feel for you..I know how it is when your dog is sick.. I hope for the best for yours! LOVELY ART by the way!

  2. It's not a painting, it's done with prismacolor pencil, brush and ink, and rapidograph pens. Thanks for posting! You're my first posts. :)