February 18, 2009

Just arrived..

~*~*~I'm trying to decide just which one of these to use. I have bits and pieces on other blogs, but I think this is the essence and the heart of all my places. I'm going to try it here. I want to post something on here each day. It doesn't matter if it's one thought or art or me just saying "I am here." I want to get some discipline. I want to post my work and the work in progress and write out what it all means. I want to stop saying "I want" and say I will" so here I go:

I will post something each day.
I will post my art and write about it.

~*~*~I believe that writing out reasons behind creations helps them to make sense. Sometimes when I create I am too close to the work and can't figure it out until time passes. I'll also make notes to myself about where I am, what I'm interested in, my worries and joys, and how I'm dealing with them.

Snow gave me binoculars so I can see Orion's nebula. I also see the Pleiadies so clearly.
I keep worrying about my dog, and her health. I think she's probably okay but is picking up my worrying more than anything!
And I have an appointment with the eye doctor on Friday of this week to see what's wrong with my right eye.
My birthday is this Sunday.

I'm working with colors and the movement of colors and simple shapes. I began doing that way back in college, then strayed from it, and now I'm back again. Like a blood relation, we all take with us something from the source. So many times we deny it, which is denying who we are. I think my art is the same way.

Reminding myself what my professor Scott Stevens told me so many years ago "well, what you do--that's your art!"

So whatever I do. That's my art. Yes, sitting still, petting my dog, walking in my neighborhood, cooking food for my loved ones, or creating visual works--all life is creation, all life is discovery, and each moment is precious.

I am where I should be.

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